Voice Broadcasting

The Effect of Mobile Campaign Manager

Considering the emotional attachment that comes with people hearing the voice of the Person who wishes to address them, we have a voice sms service in place whereby we can send out voice campaign to millions of GSM users worldwide at a very affordable rate.

The package will allow the sender to motivate recipients verbally. Message can be sent to targeted geographical location up to the state level in Nigeria. Sender will be able to record a message which will be uploaded on our server and sent out as a voice SMS campaign.

Delivery report and replies to messages will be captured and made available to the Sender. Recipients’ phone will ring; they will pick it up and listen to the recorded message as Like a phone call is actually from the sender.

What Mobile Campaign Manager can do

It is an opportunity for the aspirant, Individual or Organization to pass-out his/her/their message or intentions to the general public (declare his manifesto to the public).

It bridges the huge gape of communication between the aspirant, Individual or Organization and the general public/clients.

It creates a positive impression of the aspirants in the hearts of the general public/clients as they believe that the aspirant called them directly to express his/her/their intentions.

The message sent cannot be ignored because people tend to pay attention to phone calls unlike TV adverts, postal, mails, radio advert and newspaper which people pay little or no attention to. Mobile Campaign Manager cannot be ignored.

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Mobile survey manager is a system that allows you to understand what your customers, clients or people want from you (in-terms of services) at a particular point in time.

It has proven to be the best technique that most thriving organizations have used to out shine their competitors.

It is a medium of developing new ideas and strategies.

It allows organizations to notice their weak points and give room for improvements.

It creates a mutual understanding between an organization and their clients etc

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